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“My journey throughout the Initiate of Light training has been a truly amazing experience. I reconnected with the old ways, the rhythm of the seasons, the turn of the wheel, the goddesses that had once called to me and whom I had turned my back on. The magic and power of the phases of the moon drew me in and I felt alive once again.

I have gained the strength to move forward. I am no longer living in my head, overthinking, analysing or afraid to be my true self. I have been called back to my spiritual home and from here I will move forward with fire in my belly, passion in my heart and clarity of mind. Ready for the next chapter.”


“The Initiate of Light course has been amazing for me. It has brought together all that I have been looking for, bringing my meditative and spiritual sides together.

I have learnt so much living daily as a priestess in training. Helen and Rachael have built an amazing platform for this course. Nothing is too much for them, they give 100 percent always, they never judge and they encourage you every single step of the way.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the course but i have met a fantastic group of women that share the same ideals of what we want to build and create. I cannot recommend this course enough. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

I am now journeying through Pillar II and on my way to becoming what i set out to be, Priestess of Light. You will not be disappointed the content is packed full. Take a look for yourself and see.”



“It is extremely difficult to put into words the journey that I have been on since stepping forth onto my training with the Priestess of Light Mystery school. As soon as I started the journey it felt so right. I wasn’t apprehensive or worried about what I had started.

Words cannot describe the bond that has been created between myself and the rest of the initiates and with dearest Helen and Rachael. I have felt totally held throughout my time at the school and that is truly unique.

When I started my journey as an initiate there was a distinct feeling of coming home, that I had done this before and that it was now a case now of remembering all that I had forgotten. Each time I started a new module I found myself going through the most magical experience, it felt like I was unraveling another layer of my spiritual self and finding a missing jigsaw piece hidden within. This has continued as I venture within Pillar II. Slowly, I piece my sacred jigsaw pieces together, honouring the divine feminine and myself for all that has unfolded and continues to unfold.

Each module is so meticulously planned, with beautiful documentation, recommended books, music and oracle cards suitable for that specific module. This meticulous planning has allowed all initiates to be fully immersed in the modules and the opportunity to make deeper connections.

I am so truly grateful for journeying with Helen and Rachael. They are two incredible souls and I bow down to them both in the humblest of reverence and gratitude.”

Sara Blake Testimonial

Sara Blake

“Helen & Rachael’s guidance has encouraged me to see and connect to the world and myself in a totally different way! Through deep work on my mind, body and soul, their teachings have helped me live a healthier, more positive life. Just coming together in circle with a group of women is such a special experience, and is a very important part of my life now.”

Tracey Dent Brown

Tracey Dent-Brown

“Helen and Rachael are two beautiful and dedicated soul sisters. It is the alchemy of their combined unique gifts and teachings which serves to provide the space for us each to grow in our own wisdom and learn about our true place in the world. Their aim is simple and profound. They teach us how to remove the blocks which prevent us from stepping into our full light. Their teachings and guidance are truly a blessing.”

Angela Testimonial


“This beautiful journey is one that I didn’t even know I needed but I’m so extremely happy and grateful that I took the step to join Helen and Rachael’s school. It’s made me look at life differently. I love how I now look at the world in a different way and it really has changed my life.”

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